Ville F.LLI Barosi

Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn)

2008-2009 Project - 2010-2013 Realization

Type of work: New construction

Urbanization works collaborator: Surveyor O. Saragoni - Building engineer: F. Campedelli

The intervention area is located in a housing development, submitted to a detailed plan of private initiative, in B4 n. 9/b area, in the foothills of the old town centre, just outside its borders.

The project’s compositional and volumetric structure included a rotated disposition of two architectural units. The main planning idea is to consider the entries and the need for an interior space protected from the heavy traffic on via Santarcangiolese. The houses for two brothers were planned similar but not identical. With an articulated spatial distribution of the levels, by virtue of their specific orientation, the two independent units occupy the site, regaining control over the surrounding landscape. The living room develops on the ground floor, while bedrooms and services are located on the first level. The small “courtyard” becomes for both units an open space onto which bedrooms and living room overlook. It is an architecture with a mittel-european taste, given by a sober integration between the minimal strictness of its lines and the purity of volumes, with the severity of its materials (Santafiora stone, Bogotà wood) which attempts, seamless, to an organic relationship between inside and outside.