Villa Garattoni

Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn)

1999-2000 Project - 2000-2002 Realization

Type of work: Renovation, expansion and raising

The totally renovated volumetric configuration of this building, which derives from the radical restoration of an existing building of the 60s, tries to find a possible semantic and material comparison with the composite building fabric of the nearby old town of Santarcangelo and its skyline. At the same time the project precisely selects the views, looking for the most appropriate shots on optional landscapes, seamlessly between inside and outside through large openings screened by electrically sliding wooden shutters with shading function, which can overlap on exterior boiserie in American cedar wood. The composition program is coordinated by the covering unifying element, like a wave that stops on the first floor to create a roof garden. The facades are varied plastically sceneries, differently characterized by white dividing walls and backgrounds in facing bricks, copper and stone, to evoke aspects of the local building tradition.