Giulio Turci exhibition arrangement

Rocca Malatestiana – Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn)

2001 Project and Artistic Supervision of the arrangement

The arrangement’s solution for the Malatestian rooms begins with a fundamental idea: offering the visitor an encounter with a friendly and intimate aspect of the exhibition spaces, even before the dreamlike journey into Giulio Turci’s pictorial world. I believe that setting up is something like the “art of giving”, so the exhibition’s environment necessarily has to own the rarefied characteristics of showing and gently giving. The search for lightness in the way of exposing is, here, a primary design element to connect, from a semantic point of view, both the subjects’ iconography of Giulio Turci paintings and the strongly historicized atmosphere of the exhibition space. The important wooden décor groups have been related by contrast with the paintings; the imposing and solemn appearance of certain fixed-wall elements of the seventeenth century became the background for the paintings, conceived as precious and suspended objects, always existed in those rooms. The stylistic choice was therefore the evocative rigor; remembering images of the past to raise in the visitor’s sensitivity a poetic reaction. The paintings are supported by steel cables fixed to special framed structures made of iron sheet, which hide an indirect warm-light neon lighting.