Villa Martina

Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn)

2008-2009 Project - 2010-2013 Realization

Martina’s new home was conceived as a changing device and, even if it apparently shows itself like an introvert and hermetic shell, it is also ready to open up to the outside with variable views, expressing the need of a relationship with an important ancient landscape, through insider perspectives. The living area develops on the ground floor, while bedrooms and services are located on the first level. In the attic, a small studio/guest room is obtained, with services and several balconies and roof terraces. The inner patio-lodge axis is the three-dimensional and compositional focus of the whole project as well as the open space onto which the living room and the first level’s bedroom overlook. The creative concept, with a mittel-european matrix, that inspired my planning and interior-design work, comes out even in the austere rigor of the coating materials’ choice, always looking for an organic continuity between inside and outside, seamlessly, by using stone and wood. For the exterior, Santafiora trachyte stone and ecological Coffee-colored Bogotà wood were chosen. The great hall, with a custom-made floor with large slabs of brushed “bronze amani” natural stone, is conceived as an open space with no partitions and responds to different functional needs, enhancing the concept of freedom of the contemporary domestic life; it’s characterized by two specific and scenographic design themes: a suspended staircase and an island fireplace. The top floor is characterized by a laminated wood calendered coverage. From the outside terraces you can enjoy the view on the old town skyline.

 (Photograph Olimpia Lalli - Furniture realization: Giannini Arreda Su Misura)