Villa Barosi

Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn)

2008-2009 Project - 2010-2013 Realization

Type of work: New construction

The project of these twin houses (single-family residences for two brothers), implies a mittel-european taste as well as a classic approach to the interior design proposed: conceiving living as integral part of architecture. A sober integration between the minimal rigor of the external architecture and its grave materials and the Italian elegance of the interiors and their details. Stylistic coherence does not mean boredom, nor the surprise effect must necessarily be translated into stunning spaces or decorative hyperbole.

With our project we want to offer a circular motion through the spaces developed around the inner lodge fulcrum. The public area (living area) is located on the ground floor, while the most intimate spaces (bedrooms and bathrooms) on the first level, arranged in a circular disposition around the lodge, that works as a catalyst for natural light. It was an expedient that allowed us to create a surprise effect and a more efficient management of spaces: to better use them, the most important furniture were custom-made (Carpentry Baiocchi). Concluding the vertical way of the inner staircase, the connection with the curvilinear shape of the wooden roof is re-established, through the access to a studio with services, directly connected to the great terrace, with a unique panoramic view on the skyline of the old town center of Santarcangelo.