Casa Ceccarini


2000 Internal works project and custom-made furnishings – 2001 Realization

Restyling project of a two-levels apartment. The design input is double: revitalize the old spaces, connecting them seamlessly, and a more rational use of color. This new concept, combined with the light walls’ colors and with the resin floors make the domestic spaces even more bright. The open suspended staircase leads to the upper sleeping area, partially fencing the kitchen, which results a visually well defined space with a free-standing layout, that allows greater dynamism to the working area. The kitchen furniture is made with wheeled blocks with steel top, Ala model by Ciotti. Bombo Stool stools by Magis. The living area develops around the existing fireplace, with a red painted hood, which divides the living corner from the dining room with Arco lamp by Flos.