Casa Albani


2006 Project - 2006-2007 Realization

Type of work: Total restoration, demolition of the walking floor and addition of an aired crawl space, keeping the original heights and positions unchanged; demolition and displacement of all existing partitions, renovation of the existing service, addition of a new bathroom. Internal works with custom-made furnishings.

The contemporary restyling made on this apartment (approximately mq. 90, at one level), is part of the integral restoration, necessary to renew and replace the crumbling parts of a two-family detached house on two floors of the 60s. The interior-design intervention enhances the small living room as the glamorous heart of the entire dwelling, offering a functionally more organic concept-furniture, related to the new living-comfort standards. The planning solutions dematerialize the outdated concept of an entrance corridor, offering a more centripetal and ergonomic path distribution, thanks to the inclusion of a small central bathroom with double sliding doors, usable from the living area but also accessible from the night hallway connected to the children’s room. We looked for a greater storage capacity in the fixed furniture, white glossy lacquered finished, all designed by the Studio, trying to give greater airiness, brightness and spatial fluidity to the new spaces, in chromatic and material contrast with the parquet’s smoked-oak planks, with heat-cured treatment.

(Photograph Olimpia Lalli – Furniture realization: Giannini Arreda)