Residential complex Valbruna

San Bartolo, suburb of Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn)

2008-2009 Project - 2010-2011 Realization

Type of work: New construction

Collaborator: Surveyor Otello Saragoni

These residential buildings are constructed with green-building standards in the foothills of the old town centre of Santarcangelo. The project would include the construction of high-energy performance buildings using renewable sources of geothermal, solar and photovoltaic systems, obtaining 16 differently distributed apartments with heating and cooling radiant system and passive energy classification (Aplus). Plan and shape of both the residential units are very simple and ergonomic, conforming to the ecological setting that inspired the whole design philosophy. The plastered walls are heat-insulating panels with civil plaster finishing. For the ventilated curtain wall, black porcelain stoneware modules were used. Saddle roofs are in treated laminated wood. Windows, doors and balcony railings in white painted aluminium.