Bellsuite Hotel

Bellaria (Rn)

2011-2012 Project - 2012-2013 Realization

Type of work: Total renovation, limited expansion for the inclusion of sanitary facilities and services

The total renovation included the recovery of an old boarding house of the 60s, long abandoned, in a strategic position on Bellaria seafront, next to the harbor. The intervention improved the original building envelope harmony (very simple shape), the usability and ergonomics of its spaces, adapting them to contemporary accommodation’s needs. The building was also adapted to the new regulations about the reduction of energy consumption, thanks to highly-technological systems. The linguistic-formal design intent is to propose a minimal and essential architectural sign in accordance with a unique naturalistic position. On the new front, with its 6 sea-view suites, the missing corner was recomposed through a small expansion; the front is also characterized by a sequence of modular openings, that stand as prospective frameworks for cropping privileged views. (Bellsuite Hotel)