Donminzoni 54

Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn)

2003 Project – 2003-2004 Realization

Type of work: Total restoration, internal works and custom-made furnishings by AFA-arredamenti

An innovative bar, as for its concept, among the others in the town. Café, lounge-bar, cocktail-bar, the project necessarily had to characterize this place through a specific image and use flexibility. Changing spaces were studied to match the different atmospheres linked to the different functions that the business has to accomplish during the day. A meticulous project, almost a style exercise of subtractions, where volumes and lighting effect are carefully measured, to dynamize and support the extended plan. The natural tones of the coatings (San Giorgio stone and vulcanized ash) agrees with the compositional structure, played on the emphasis of the longitudinal paths and horizontal lines, where fixed furnishings are essential elements of the interior design.

Photographs: Olimpia Lalli