Caffè Commercio

Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn)

2006 Project - 2007 Realization

Type of work: Renovation with internal works and custom-made furnishings

(Photo and furnishings by AFA arredamenti)

The interior design of this historic café, in the town centre, consisted of the assembly in a ‘collage’ of different sensations, materials and contrasting colors. A kaleidoscope of images obtained with a scenographic contamination, through additions and stratifications of the local collective imagination’s memories, as for the choice of bulls figures for the large backlit black Corian counter (salvaged from old handcrafted prints’ iconography), to evoke the commercial negotiations of the ‘foro boario’ which took place in this bar. Other linguistic references draw from the recent Spanish ‘kitsch-melodrama’ cinematography, but also from the smoky atmospheres of the Parisian bistro, as for the big wall with boiserie and large mirrors placed in the niches with wall lamps, ploy to contain the technological systems, camouflaged within the wood panels.